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Affiliated membership

Who can join Sage as an affiliated member?

You can apply to become an affiliated member if the organization you work for is already a Sage contributor. An affiliated member can access members-only content, but they cannot use their account to add resources to the Sage collection.


What are an affiliated member’s responsibilities?

As an affiliated member you’ll be expected to:

  1. Respect Sage’s values statement, policies and procedures and terms of use.
  2. Keep your member profile up to date.
  3. Safeguard your account password to prevent unauthorized use of your account and change your password once a year to improve account security.
  4. Report resources that conflict with Sage’s values statement or policies and procedures to the attention of the Sage administrators.
  5. Respond to changes in procedures or standards that may be introduced by the Sage administrators.

Members who don’t meet their member responsibilities may have their accounts closed.


How do I apply to become an affiliated member?

Apply to become an affiliated member by submitting a membership application.

After you submit a membership application, your organization must approve your membership before you can access members-only content.

For more information on being a Sage member, see the user policy. You can also contact the Sage administrators with questions about joining Sage.