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OODP Partnership Agreement Forms

This handy resource provides you with two types of partnership agreement forms, one for agreements that are long-term and involve operations and a second one for short-term projects or one-time events.  Both types of forms are offered in table and letter formats.  If all you need is the partnership agreement form, this is the resource for you!

OODP Partnership Agreements Resource

If you are looking for a resource that covers everything from A to Z about  partnerships, this is it!  This original version of the OODP Partnership Agreement Resource provides a comprehensive and detailed desciption on how to negotiate, create, manage and dissolve partnership agreements if needed.  It also provides the partnership agreement form that can be used as a template for completion.

OODP Partnership Agreement Toolkit

The attached toolkit provides you with the 2 types of partnership agreement forms together with an overview of what partnership agreements offer and a readiness checklist to ensure you are prepared before you begin.  Formalizing partnerships with written agreements is now required by most funders.