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Ontario Organizational Development Program

The Ontario Organizational Development Program (OODP) provides e-resources, workshops, planning supports, group facilitation, one-on-one coaching for executive directors and board chairs, and consulting services as needed to meet the organizational development needs of AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) and HIV-funded programs in Ontario.  Our workshops cover topics such as Governance, Strategic Planning, Work Planning, Boundaries and Anti-Rascism/Anti-Oppression (ARAO).


Publication date: 2020

Emergency continuity planning is the overall process of creating systems of prevention, response and recovery to deal with potential threats and disruptions to service delivery at an organization...

Publication date: 2020

This Policy Guide & Template is intended to support ASO leaders to build successful policies and best practices that will enhance the capacity of our sector to meaningfully involve people with...

Publication date: 2017

This toolkit offers a systematic and thoughtful approach to help you to address the possible risks facing your organization.  It provides a brief description of what risk management planning is...

Publication date: 2018

This guide helps Boards and Executive Directors to prepare an annual operating plan that maps out the organization’s yearly objectives with proposed steps on how they will be accomplished, all in...

Publication date: 2018

Please consult the Operational Plan Guide for further instruction on how to complete these Templates, that have been developed in Excel, making it easy for you to download, use and report back on...

Publication date: 2016

This Table of Contents has been designed to help ASOs create their own Board Manual.  It includes a list of all of the documents and policies required for the effective governance of an...

Publication date: 2016

 This easy to use guide offers a template to help synthesize and organize your ED Board Report.  It has been pilot tested by 2 ASOs with positive reviews.  Feel free to amend it to meet your needs...

Publication date: 2016

This handy resource provides you with two types of partnership agreement forms, one for agreements that are long-term and involve operations and a second one for short-term projects or one-time...

Publication date: 2016

This Guide is practical and easy to use.   It can help individual staff and staff teams to map out the steps, activities and timelines that align with their program goals and the organization's...

Publication date: 2015

This one page document provides a comprehensive overview of the steps and timelines involved in completing the OODP OSAT Process, with facilitation by an OODP Consultant.

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