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Final Report: Cannabis as Therapy for People Living with HIV/AIDS: “Our Right, Our Choice”

The Canadian AIDS Society (CAS) received funding to study the barriers to access to cannabis for medicinal purposes for people living with HIV/AIDS. We conducted an extensive consultation of people living with HIV/AIDS from across Canada through focus groups and a widely distributed questionnaire. The project was overseen by a National Steering Committee and was conducted in consultation with a legal consultant.

The full report and accompanying executive summary outline the barriers to access to the federal medical cannabis program, to a legal source of cannabis, and to adequate information and services. Recommendations are made to address these barriers so that people living with HIV/AIDS can treat themselves without fear of criminal prosecution, with a legal, safe and affordable source of cannabis, with adequate information to make informed decisions and with the necessary support to optimize their health.

By Lynne Belle-Isle.

ISBN: 0-921906-52-8  

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