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Women and Harm Reduction in Ontario: A Capacity Building Toolkit

This Toolkit was created to strengthen the work harm reductionprograms do with women who use drugs.

PrEP & Women: What You Need to Know

Information and Facts about PrEP and Women in Ontario: what is is, how it is used, how to access.

PEP & Women: What You Need to Know

Information about PEP & Women in Ontario: what it is, how it is used, how to access.

Love Positive Women Posters

While Love Positive Women is active primarily between February 1st–14th, it remainsa symbol of how the world can be different throughout the year. Groups inover 45 countries have participated in shifting lives and making a difference throughacts of love. Please view our resource LOVE POSITIVE WOMEN: Implementation Guide for further information about this campaign and activities.

Women are Changemakers: Community insights & artwork from the 2017-2018 collaborative art project

In 2017/2018 WHAI partnered with consultants at 7.10 Stories to explorecreative ways to foster WHAI’s Coordinated Collective Impact Initiative(CCII) work being done across Ontario.

Love Positive Women: Implementation Guide

Since 2014, WHAI Coordinators have been supporting Love Positive Women byengaging women living with HIV, women who face systemic risks for HIV, as well asthe broader community through activities that aim to build community love for womenliving with HIV.

Collective Action Community Change: A Provincial Situational Analysis Report by the Women & HIV/AIDS Initiative

Collective Action Community Change is a collective representation of 16 situational analyses that were completed by Women and HIV/AIDS Initiative (WHAI) Coordinators across Ontario.

WHAI's Trans Inclusion Pocket Guide: Centering Trans Women in Our Work

This guide examines the challenges and barriers that many trans women living with HIV, in Ontario, face when accessing services. WHAI hope to offer support for creating safe, welcoming and inclusive space for all women. 


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