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The Resonance Project: Emerging biomedical discourses on HIV among gay ment and their service providers: Community report

The Resonance Project is a Canadian community-based research study coordinated by CATIE, with partnership support from three regional gay men’s health organizations, three national HIV/public health organizations and the University of Windsor.

HIV and aging

This booklet is for people 50 or older who are living with HIV, as well as their partners, family members and caregivers. It looks at some of the issues that older adults living with HIV might face and recommends ways to stay healthy—physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually. Updates for this edition include new information on screening tests and health conditions that can affect older people. Revised 2020.

HIV chatterbox

Make your own interactive paper chatterbox and test your knowledge of HIV prevention, transmission, testing and treatment. The HIV Chatterbox can be used in educational settings to spark discussion. Revised 2019.

What works: What you need to know if you have HIV and inject drugs

This booklet contains easy-to-understand messages about how to take care of your health if you have HIV and inject drugs. Complete with practical tips, this resource is a great starting point for people who use drugs who have questions about HIV treatment, preventing and responding to overdoses, and managing their health. Revised 2020.

A practical guide to a healthy body for people living with HIV

A comprehensive guide to long-term health for people living with HIV. It offers practical information on bone health, brain health, cardiovascular health, diabetes, hormone changes, kidney health, liver health, and how to manage multiple conditions. Revised 2020.

6 things to know about hep C

This essential client resource provides 6 key messages on hepatitis C, from what it is and how it is different from other hepatitis viruses to routes of transmission, the importance of testing and the effectiveness of new treatments. Information is clear and direct, with simple images that reinforce the messages. Revised 2018.


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