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project manager


Tests Used to Diagnose Hepatitis C

A half page, double sided resource for people affected by or at risk for hepatitis C about the types of tests used to diagnose hepatitis C and what the results mean for each of the 2 main tests.

Factors Affecting Attendance for Hepatitis C Care

This report provides a brief overview of a study conducted by a research teamaffiliated with the University of British Columbia and the British Columbia Centrefor Disease Control and funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada. The aimof the study was to explore why some people living with hepatitis C attend, delay,defer or do not seek hepatitis C care. This research was conducted as the firststage of a two-year project which aims to develop and disseminate resources thatwill foster or support increased attendance for hepatitis C care.

Unmet Needs: Hepatitis C Stories

This 31-minute educational, documentary style video illustrates project findings and recommendations from consumer and provider perspectives.