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Youth Sexual Health Coordinator


Guide for Trans & Non-Cis Youth in Waterloo Region

A guide for trans youth, by trans youth in Waterloo Region. Points about social transition, name change, hormones, coming out, and local resources. Updated Jan 2019

LGBTQ2S+ Glossary of Terms

Definitions for terms used to describe LGBTQ2S+ identities and a couple tools for improving allyship. This resource was developed, edited, and updated by LGBTQ youth in Waterloo Region and was last edited in November 2019.

The Barrier Guide for STI Transmission

The Barrier Guide is a resource about physical barriers and lubricants to better understand and manage risk of STI transmission.Last updated Dec 2019.

Safer Sex & Tech

The Guide to Safer Sex & Tech is a resource with inter-personal and practical tools for safer sexting and online dating. This resource was last updated in March, 2019