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Pre-fix: A guide for people with Hep C or HIV who inject drugs

This comprehensive resource for people living with Hep C or HIV who inject drugs offers information on a range of topics—from getting tested and working with a doctor to using safely. It offers practical advice about how to live healthily with Hep C or HIV, tips for sticking to treatment and information on other infections to know about. Frontline Hep C and HIV workers will also find this guide a valuable resource to support their own learning. Revised in 2015.

The Positive Side (Winter 2016): Happy Birthday ART!

In this special edition of our health and wellness magazine for people living with HIV, we mark 20 years of effective antiretroviral therapy (ART). People with HIV, activists, doctors and service providers explore how treatment has transformed what it means to be HIV-positive. An in-depth look at treatment—past, present and future.

Also in this issue: services for people with HIV 50+; anti-inflammatory diets; the stories of two Zimbabwean women who are building new lives in Canada; contemporary dancer Benoît Lachambre; Ask the Experts about menopause; and more.

Living with HIV and Hepatitis C Co-infection

This booklet, written for people with HIV and hepatitis C, offers key information on living with both viruses. Covering useful topics such as HIV and hepatitis C basics, the effects of co-infection, ways to stay healthy, treatment strategies and preventing transmission, this booklet aims to help people understand co-infection better – whether they have been living with both viruses for a long time or are newly diagnosed with HIV and/or hepatitis C. Revised in 2016.

HepCInfo on Newsprint - Issue 4

HepCInfo on Newsprint uses the format of a community newspaper to offer plain and simple health information for people affected by hepatitis C. Each issue contains short articles, contributions from people at risk for or living with Hep C, and interactive activities on topics related to prevention, testing, healthy living and treatment.

In this issue: deciding whether to take treatment for hepatitis C; treatment combinations that are available in Canada; choosing a treatment; getting ready for treatment; tips for staying on track with treatment.

A Practical Guide to a Healthy Body for People Living with HIV

A comprehensive guide to long-term health for people living with HIV. It offers practical information on bone health, brain health, cardiovascular health, diabetes, hormone changes, kidney health, liver health, and how to manage multiple conditions.

The Positive Side (Summer 2015): Onwards and Upwards

Health and wellness magazine for people living with HIV. In this issue: Regina’s Gloria Tremblay gets a new lease on life, poz youth sound off, the benefits of mindfulness meditation, straight men with HIV, treatment adherence, HIV and inflammation, artist Jessica Whitbread and much more.

How to find a translator

A short guide to finding and working with a translator in Canada.

The epidemiology of HIV in youth

This fact sheet provides a summary of the HIV epidemic among youth in Canada. It is one of a series of fact sheets on the epidemiology of HIV and hepatitis C. Revised 2015.

The Positive Side (Winter 2015): HIV Diaries

Health and wellness magazine for people living with HIV. In this issue: Murray Jose-Boerbridge reflects on his life-changing moments; a tour of the HIV blogosphere; PHAs on what it means to be undetectable; where Canada’s at with medicinal marijuana; expert advice on how to cope with chronic pain; self-care; artist provocateur Shan Kelley; and much more.