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Information Specialist/Spécialiste d'information


Your guide to HIV treatment

Whether you are just starting HIV treatment or you’ve been on it for years and want to learn more, this guide is for you. Find out: How it works, the benefits of starting early, what we now know about how treatment can prevent HIV transmission, and how you can make treatment work for you. In this illustrated booklet you will also hear the experiences and advice of others living with HIV.

Room for improvement: Knowledge exchange needs of people living with hepatitis C

In 2014-15, CATIE undertook a national needs assessment of patients engaged in hepatitis C care. The needs assessment was designed to provide information on the priority knowledge needs of people living with hepatitis C and how these needs can be met.

Connect with CATIE

This bilingual brochure provides a brief overview of CATIE's programs and services. Revised 2014.

HIV and Emotional Wellness

This CATIE booklet for people living with HIV explores common emotional health concerns—such as stress, anxiety, depression and addictions. It offers practical advice on how to achieve and sustain a healthy mind in a healthy body. Revised 2018.