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Information Specialist/Spécialiste d'information


Increasing community knowledge of HIV and legal disclosure in an era of criminalization

A poster presentation reporting the evaluation of community forums and workshops on HIV and legal disclsoure held across Canada in 2009.

Shifting the paradigm: the history of the Vancouver STOP HIV/AIDS Project

This document describes the overall implementation of the STOP initiative through the Vancouver STOP Project.

Advertising on the Internet: Tips and Lessons from CATIE’s On-Line Syphilis Campaign

The purpose of this document is to share CATIE’s experience with on-line advertising and report on the strengths, challenges and important considerations involved in reaching gay/bi/MSM men on the internet to communicate health information, expand the reach of social marketing campaigns, and potentially recruit participants for research and programming.

Intersexions & Interjections: CATIE’s National HIV and Youth Knowledge Exchange Symposium Report

Intersexions & Interjections: CATIE’s National HIV and Youth Knowledge Exchange Symposium was held on February 4 and 5, 2012, in Toronto. This report provides an overview of the symposium and the key themes that emerged.

Answering the Call: 20 Years of CATIE and Community Response

A video about CATIE’s beginnings as a grass-roots organization, the early era of desperate need for information about HIV treatment, and the passion and leadership of those who helped CATIE evolve into a national organization mandated to provide information about HIV and hepatitis C.

CATIE News survey

The questions from the 2013 reader survey evaluating CATIE News, CATIE's bite sized HIV and hepatitis C news bulletin.

HIV Knowledge Exchange (KE) in a Community-based Environment

A poster presentation describing CATIE's knowledge exchange activities and lessons learned.