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Information Specialist/Spécialiste d'information


Hep C can be cured

This client brochure aims to provide basic information about current hepatitis C treatments, while offering people useful questions to ask their doctor about their treatment options. It also addresses the issues of paying for treatment and living healthy. Simple language and engaging design are used to help everyone understand the basics of treatment.

Hepatitis C in Canada

This colourful infographic poster illustrates recent statistics and information on Hepatitis C in Canada.

General release/permission letter (video/photo)

Release letter for an individual appearing in a CATIE photo, video or audio recording.

Rapporteur template

A notetaking template for conference rapporteurs who will be reporting back to their communities on key conference presentations.

The Positive Side (Summer 2017): Inquiring Mind

Health and wellness magazine for people living with HIV. In this issue: celebrating U=U (undetectable HIV is sexually untransmittable); activist Ian Bradley-Perrin; the impact of HIV criminalization on African, Caribbean and Black communities; women and stigma; managing multiple conditions; artist William Flett.

6 things to know about Hep C

This essential client resource provides 6 key messages on hepatitis C, from what it is and how it is different from other hepatitis viruses to routes of transmission, the importance of testing and the effectiveness of new treatments. Information is clear and direct, with simple images that reinforce the messages.

Valued and Needed Information for People with HIV: 2015 Survey Results

In autumn 2015, CATIE undertook a national needs assessment of people living with HIV. The needs assessment was designed to inform how CATIE could better help frontline workers to support their clients by asking people living with HIV about their priority information needs and how well CATIE’s resources meet those needs.

Pre-fix: A guide for people with Hep C or HIV who inject drugs

This comprehensive resource for people living with Hep C or HIV who inject drugs offers information on a range of topics—from getting tested and working with a doctor to using safely. It offers practical advice about how to live healthily with Hep C or HIV, tips for sticking to treatment and information on other infections to know about. Frontline Hep C and HIV workers will also find this guide a valuable resource to support their own learning. Revised in 2015.

The Positive Side (Winter 2016): Happy Birthday ART!

In this special edition of our health and wellness magazine for people living with HIV, we mark 20 years of effective antiretroviral therapy (ART). People with HIV, activists, doctors and service providers explore how treatment has transformed what it means to be HIV-positive. An in-depth look at treatment—past, present and future.

Also in this issue: services for people with HIV 50+; anti-inflammatory diets; the stories of two Zimbabwean women who are building new lives in Canada; contemporary dancer Benoît Lachambre; Ask the Experts about menopause; and more.