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Position/Job Title: 
Information Specialist/Spécialiste d'information


Waiting Room Information Program Survey

This survey solicits feedback from participating treatment sites featuring CATIE's Waiting Room Information Program (WRIP). The WRIP aims to facilitate access among HIV and HCV treatment clinics to high-quality publications on HIV and Hep C information distributed through the CATIE Ordering Centre.

TreatmentUpdate Survey

Survey soliciting feedback from readers of TreatmentUpdate, CATIE's newsletter covering cutting-edge developments in HIV/AIDS research and treatment.

Prevention in Focus Survey

Survey soliciting feedback on CATIE's online HIV prevention resource Prevention in Focus: Spotlight on programming and research.

HIV Workshop Evaluation

Survey used for collecting participant feedback following CATIE HIV workshops.

www.catie.ca Evaluation

This report presents and discusses the results of a 2013 CATIE website user survey as well as data collected from web tracking software.

Positive Side Readership Survey Evaluation Report

This report presents and evaluates the results of a 2010 readership survey completed by readers of The Positive Side / Vision positive, CATIE's health and wellness magazine for and by people living with HIV.

HIV Workshop Evaluation Report

Evaluates CATIE workshops provided over the 2012-2013 fiscal year, including: Emotional Wellness, HIV & Aging, HIV Core Curriculum, HIV & Nutrition, and HIV & Women.

Hepatitis C Website and Toolkit Evaluation Report

Presents results of a 2011 survey of front line service providers working in HCV in Canada evaluating CATIE's Hepatitis C website and toolkit of resources.

Evaluating the CATIE Ordering Centre: Collection, Suppliers, Usage and Customer Service

This report discusses the results of a 2010 on-line user survey completed by service provider users of the CATIE Ordering Centre as well as a simultaneous internal usage and collection assessment.

Comparing Hepatitis A, B and C

A chart describing the differences between Hepatitis A, B, and C. This chart is used in the CATIE workshop Hep C and HIV Co-infection.