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Information Specialist/Spécialiste d'information


What works: Tips for taking care of yourself if you have Hep C or HIV and inject drugs

This pocket-sized booklet contains easy-to-understand messages about how to take care of your health if you have Hep C or HIV and inject drugs. Complete with lots of practical tips, this resource is a great starting point for someone who has questions about how to manage their health.

Moving Knowledge into Action: An evaluation of the impact of CATIE's programs and services for frontline workers in Canada: 2013/2014

In 2013, CATIE conducted a national survey of frontline workers to assess the overall success of its complement of programs and services in knowledge exchange. The survey was designed to evaluate CATIE's reach, frequency of use, relevance, usefulness and effectiveness.

A Multilingual Hepatitis C Media and Educational Outreach Campaign For Immigrant Communities in Ontario

This poster presentation details the development of CATIE's Ethnocultural Hepatitis C Outreach and Social Marketing project. The project has produced in-language (English, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese, Urdu and Tagalog) hepatitis C resources including a website, pamphlets and educational curriculum as well as a media campaign in print, radio and online.

Waiting Room Information Program Survey

This survey solicits feedback from participating treatment sites featuring CATIE's Waiting Room Information Program (WRIP). The WRIP aims to facilitate access among HIV and HCV treatment clinics to high-quality publications on HIV and Hep C information distributed through the CATIE Ordering Centre.

TreatmentUpdate Survey

Survey soliciting feedback from readers of TreatmentUpdate, CATIE's newsletter covering cutting-edge developments in HIV/AIDS research and treatment.

Prevention in Focus Survey

Survey soliciting feedback on CATIE's online HIV prevention resource Prevention in Focus: Spotlight on programming and research.