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Information Specialist/Spécialiste d'information


National Survey of Front-Line Organizations to Guide Strategic Directions for CATIE: The New National HIV/AIDS Knowledge Exchange Broker

A poster presenting the results of consultations with community-based and national HIV/AIDS stakeholders across Canada to inform CATIE's new expanded mandate as the National HIV/AIDS Knowlege Broker.

Evaluating CATIE's New Mandate

A poster presenting key performance indicators and standard evaluation indicators to measure CATIE's response to its mandate expansion in 2008.

Developing and Evaluating an HIV and HCV Prevention Knowledge Exchange Tool

A poster presenting readership statistics and reader survey results for Prevention in Focus, CATIE's semi-annual online prevention publication.

Acknowledging Community Knowledge: Front-line Perspectives on Effective HIV Knowledge Brokering

A poster presenting findings from consultations with HIV/AIDS non-governmental organizations and front-line organizations regarding their needs and expectations for CATIE's expanded role as the National HIV/AIDS Knowlege Exchange Broker.

Starting HIV Treatment: Silke’s Story

A combination of good health and a feeling of not being ready led Silke, a middle-aged woman originally from Germany, to live with HIV for more than 20 years before starting treatment. However, a drop in her CD4 count during a stressful time left her with no choice. Silke informed herself about her treatment options by doing research online and talking with other PHAs. She did have one issue with a drug interaction between her anti-HIV drugs and another medication, but otherwise her experience has been positive.

Starting HIV Treatment: Kerrigan’s Story

Kerrigan is a young Aboriginal woman who started HIV treatment during pregnancy. Her story opens with the stigma she felt as a pregnant HIV-positive woman. In recounting her experience with treatment, she touches on her former drug use, her other health issues and her great relationship with her doctor. As well, Kerrigan’s experience is like that of many PHAs: she has side effects—vivid dreams in her case—and occasionally forgets to take her meds. And her experience is like that of many mothers: the birth of her son brought profound, positive change to her life.

Starting HIV Treatment: André’s Story

André is a mid-50s gay man who started treatment when his CD4 count dipped to 119. He talks about the changes in guidelines that were underway when he started. His concerns about paying for treatment led him to join a clinical trial. He recalls his fear of side effects, including lipodystrophy, and the lead up to his first dose. As he adjusted to life on meds, he handled issues of disclosure and developed tricks to remember to take his meds. Looking back, he says that if he was diagnosed today he’d start treatment tout de suite.

CATIE Strategic Plan

CATIE Strategic Plan. Revised June 2005.