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Wendy Pinder

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Program Administrator


OODP Partnership Agreements Resource

If you are looking for a resource that covers everything from A to Z about  partnerships, this is it!  This original version of the OODP Partnership Agreement Resource provides a comprehensive and detailed desciption on how to negotiate, create, manage and dissolve partnership agreements if needed.  It also provides the partnership agreement form that can be used as a template for completion.

OODP Org-Self-Assessment Tool OSAT

Do you feel your organization could be more effective?  Do you want to enhance your organization's performance? This Tool and the OODP Facilitation support for the process have been highly endorsed by those organizations that have completed it to date.  It walks organizations through a systematic and comprehensive review of their operations and governance and develops an action plan with tangible steps for making improvements.

OODP Strategic Planning Readiness Assessment Tool

Do you have a current strategic plan for your organization?  Does it need to be renewed?  Use this checklist to help you determine if this is the right time for your organization to begin a strategic planning process.   It includes an overview of what strategic planning is and provides an outline of the steps involved to complete the process and level of resources required.

OODP Partnership Agreement Toolkit

The attached toolkit provides you with the 2 types of partnership agreement forms together with an overview of what partnership agreements offer and a readiness checklist to ensure you are prepared before you begin.  Formalizing partnerships with written agreements is now required by most funders.

OODP HIV Disclosure Policy Toolkit

This resource offers ASOs and HIV funded programs a framework for developing organizational policies and practices that support clients who are people living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs) to control and navigate HIV disclosure decisions and actions.  It is evidence-informed and offers policy templates and checklists to support your policy development process.  

OODP Leading Change in ASO's Resource

Executive Directors are expected to both lead and manage organizational change initiatives, while also running day-to-day operations.  Trying to do it all can be over-whelming.  This resource provides a framework for understanding change and practical strategies for implementation.  It also provides an easy-to-use guide for ASO leaders to map out the steps, actions, timelines and resources to successfully support their organizational change process.

OODP Nominating Committee Resource

Is the composition of your Board meeting the needs of your organization?  It is the role of the Board Nominating Committee to ensure that Board vacancies are filled and that you have the right mix of Board member skillsets and perspectives  to meet the ongoing governance needs of your organization.  This resource walks you through everything you need to know about Board Nominations and Recruitment and provides a list of easy-to-use templates and tools to help.

OODP Governance Board Roles and Responsibilities Resource

This sample Governance Policy uses a checklist format to define the role and basic responsibilities of a not-for-profit Board and responsibilities of individual Board Members.  It can be customized to create your own Board Governance Policy.

OODP Board Self-Assessment Tool

When was the last time your Board conducted a self-assessment?  
The objective of this resource is to provide a practical approach that can be used by the Board to complete a self-assessment and identify improvements to strengthen the Board and the overall functioning of the organization. Once completed, the results will encourage dialogue – refresh the Board’s understanding of its role and responsibilities, stimulate questions that need to be asked, identify areas of practice that may need attention, and draw out suggestions for improvement.

OODP Board Risk Management and Financial Oversight Checklist Sample

This tool provides a checklist for use by the Board of Directors to assess if  appropriate risk management and financial oversight guidelines and practices are in place for the organization.  Risk Management and Financial Oversight are key Board responsibilities.  Practices and guidelines should be reviewed each year to ensure they are current and in place.