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Wendy Pinder

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Program Administrator


OODP Board Policy on Conflict of Interest Sample

All Boards should have a Conflict of Interest Policy.  It is essential to protect the integrity of the Board decision-making process.  This sample policy document defines the types of conflict that can arise.  It outlines a process to declare conflicts before they arise and also offers a process to resolve them after they have arisen if needed.  It can be customized to create your own Board Conflict of Interest Policy.

OODP Board or Committee Meeting Evaluation Sample Form

This easy-to-use 1 page form can help you to evaluate your Board and Committee meetings.  It can be quickly completed by meeting participants, and is designed to be used on a regular basis, at the end of each meeting.  Evaluation results can offer the key to effective meetings and greater engagement from your participants.

OODP Board Officer Job Description Sample

This handy resource provides a description of the role, responsibilities and requirements to be met for each of the following 4 Officer positions:  Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.  It can be adapted to your organization's Board Manual.

OODP Board Member Job Description Sample

This handy Governance resource defines the role of individual Board Members and provides a checklist of individual Board Member responsibilities.  It also lists the requirements that each Board Member should meet in order to fulfill their responsibilities.  It can be easily adapted to fit with your Board of Director's Manual.

OODP Board Meeting Minutes Best Practices

Do Board Members read the Board Minutes?  Are they several pages long and filled with text to capture the full discussion at meetings?  Review this Best Practice Checklist to find out what you need to have in your minutes (and what you don't need) to keep an accurate record of Board actions and decisions.

OODP Board Committee Terms of Reference Sample

This handy Template provides an easy to use format for developing a Terms of Reference for each of your Board's Committees.  It includes sections to define the Committee's Role, Responsibilities, Membership, Term and other key components that will support your Board Committee to function effectively.  You are welcome to  copy it and make changes as needed.

OODP Board Code of Conduct Sample

The Board Code of Conduct Policy provides guidance to individual Board Members on their actions and behaviours.  It defines respectful conduct, Board Solidarity and Confidentiality.  It holds Board Members accountable to act in the best interests of the organization and avoid situations where their own interests will conflict with the interests of the Board.  It can be customized to create your own Board Member Code of Conduct Policy.

OODP Board Annual Workplan Sample

This Annual Board Work Plan provides a sample tool that can be easily copied and modified to meet the specific needs of your Board.  It can help your Board to organize and plan their work over the coming year to ensure  that key Board responsibilities and organizational priorities are completed and addressed.

OODP Board Agenda Sample

This Board Agenda template is easy to use and can be adapted for your Board meetings.  It has 3 main categories of business:  Decision Items, Discussion Items and Information Items.