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OODP Governance Resources

These resources have been created by OODP Consultants to assist volunteer board members at AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) with carrying out their board responsibilities.  

Resources in Resource Collection

OODP Board Manual Annotated Table of Contents

This Table of Contents has been designed to help ASOs create their own Board Manual.  It includes a list of all of the documents and policies required for the effective governance of an organization.  You can use it as a template and insert  your own logo, create your own Board Manual cover page and customize the list of documents and policies to meet your needs. 

OODP Executive Director Board Report Guide

 This easy to use guide offers a template to help synthesize and organize your ED Board Report.  It has been pilot tested by 2 ASOs with positive reviews.  Feel free to amend it to meet your needs.  The Executive Director's report to the Board of Directors should inform, raise issues, ignite questions and evoke pride.  After reading it, Board members should feel up-to-date on relevant, strategic-level issues, prepared to raise issues, ask questions and make decisions; and confident and enthusiastic about the organization and its work. 

OODP Nominating Committee Resource

Is the composition of your Board meeting the needs of your organization?  It is the role of the Board Nominating Committee to ensure that Board vacancies are filled and that you have the right mix of Board member skillsets and perspectives  to meet the ongoing governance needs of your organization.  This resource walks you through everything you need to know about Board Nominations and Recruitment and provides a list of easy-to-use templates and tools to help.

OODP Governance Board Roles and Responsibilities Resource

This sample Governance Policy uses a checklist format to define the role and basic responsibilities of a not-for-profit Board and responsibilities of individual Board Members.  It can be customized to create your own Board Governance Policy.

OODP Board Self-Assessment Survey Sample

When was the last time your Board conducted a self-assessment?  
The objective of this resource is to provide a practical approach that can be used by the Board to complete a self-assessment and identify improvements to strengthen the Board and the overall functioning of the organization. Once completed, the results will encourage dialogue – refresh the Board’s understanding of its role and responsibilities, stimulate questions that need to be asked, identify areas of practice that may need attention, and draw out suggestions for improvement.