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Community-based HIV/HCV Integration at Positive Women's Network

Project proposal for examining HIV/hepatitis C service integration at PWN.

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Outreach Program evaluation

This evaluation of PWN's outreach efforts showed that the program’s ability to work with women and support them in difficult times resulted in the outcome of the program being more important than the activities themselves. Thus, the outcomes of providing support expand beyond providing specific services to creating environments in which PWN members can experience transformative connections which create stability, security, and environments in which the women can become empowered and more independent.

Listen Up! Women Are Talking About.... Women’s Health Research Project

Listen Up! was the first peer-based, community action research project of its kind to examine
how the social determinants of health put women at greater risk for HIV infection than men.
Women’s voices - in particular, women who live with HIV - had not been actively present in
HIV research when we started the project in 1998. The women who have been involved in
the Listen Up! Project - as peer researchers, advisors, participants, and in the present
stage as community presenters - determined both its focus and direction.

Barriers in Access to Primary Health Care for Young HIV+ Women: A Qualitative Research Study

YouthCO and Positive Women’s Network partnered on the WISE Project, working to increase young women’s access to integrated care, treatment, support and prevention within clinic-based settings. WISE staff and volunteers worked in direct partnership with clinics throughout Vancouver to better ensure that young women (aged 15-29) were receiving proper medical care and HIV treatment. The WISE Project used a peer-based model to promote community and provide important information for young HIV+ women, helping them define what support means for them.

Health Promotion Workshops Evaluation

Women living with HIV continue to face discrimination when accessing health and social services in British Columbia. To address this issue, Positive Women’s Network (PWN) provides HIV education workshops for health and social services providers within the province. Since 2006, PWN has provided training to a variety of groups, such as sexual assault centres and immigrant services organizations. Originally offered in partnership with the BC-Yukon Society of Transition Houses, these workshops initially targeted service providers working in the field of violence against women.