Une communauté de partage des ressources pour les fournisseurs de services canadiens dans le domaine du VIH et de l’hépatite C


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I would like to create an account for the Positive Living Society of British Columbia, an AIDS service organization in Vancouver. (www.positivelivingbc.org)We would like to contribute our educational society materials.


Goals and Assessment Plan

This Goals and Assesment plan tool provides Peers and the people they are working with a guide to explore a multitude of areas in a person's life, identify goals, including streghts and challenges to achieving the goals and action plans.

Peer Navigation Tools

Resources related to hiring Peers, Peer code of ethics, training syllabus ideas and helping Peers determine their readiness to be a Peer.

Code of ethics and Readiness to be a peer resources were modified from tools collected at


Peer Navigators

If you live in British Columbia and are newly diagnosed with HIV or re-engaging with care, peer navigators can help. Peer navigators are trained and educated on health issues surrounding HIV/AIDS, self care, safer sex, disease progression and other important topics. This resource contains information on how peer navigators can assist you in caring for your health.

Discharge Planning

This resource can help you plan for your health recovery after you leave the hospital. It includes information on what to do before you leave the hospital, follow-up appointments, involving a caregiver, and other topics.

Staying Healthy with HIV

Information for newly diagnosed people, written in plain language. Contains information on the HIV virus, blood work, medication, disclosure and more.

Disclosure: Telling someone you are living with HIV

“Disclosure: Telling Someone You Are Living with HIV” is based on the lived experience of PLHIV and includes:

  • -benefits and risks of disclosure;
  • -information on legal obligations to disclose;
  • -planning for disclosure; and
  • -provincial resources offering further information and support.