A resource-sharing community for Canadian HIV and hepatitis C service providers

Canadian Treatment Action Council (CTAC)

CTAC is Canada’s non-governmental organization led by and for people living with HIV and HIV/hepatitis C co-infection, focusing on access to treatment. Since 1996, we have been working to secure and ensure equitable, affordable and timely access to treatment, care and support for people in Canada living with HIV and HIV/HCV co-infection. We work with community, public, private and not-for-profit leaders to inform research and public policy, and promote public awareness and discussion.

We believe the voices of people living with HIV/AIDS and HIV/hepatitis C co-infection are central to informing HIV & hepatitis C treatment access in Canada.



Publication date: 2014

Oral health is an integral part of overall health and is often a predictor of HIV-related health events. 90% of people living with HIV experience at minimum one oral condition in their lifetime.­...

Publication date: 2014

No More Silos: A Good Practices Guide on undertaking an integrated approach to HIV and hepatitis C identifies practices that community-based organizations (CBOs), community health centres (CHCs),...

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