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Search Tips

Search Tips

If you need additional help doing a search, you can contact the Sage administrators.


Using the Search box

The search will look for resources in the Sage collection that contain all or some of the search terms – or keywords – that you enter into the Search box (for example, poster treatment youth).

You can also give the search additional instructions on how to look for your keywords by combining them in different ways:

  • Use AND to search for all your keywords in any order

for example, poster AND treatment AND youth

  • Use quotes (“ ”) to search for all your keywords in a specific order like a phrase

for example, “safer sex

You can also start your search by browsing by subject if you can’t find the right keywords to search with. The browse lists are below the search box on the main search page.

Please note that Sage members must be logged in to find and view members-only resources.


Using the filters

After you’ve done a search, you can use the filter words in the Filter by lists at the right of the search results screen to narrow your search results list.

Adding filters

Click on a filter word to shorten your results list to only the results related to that word (for example, clicking Guidelines and manuals (10) under Filter by Resource Type would shorten your results list to the 10 results that are a guideline or manual).

If you add a filter, a Current filters list will appear under the search box to show you the filters you’ve added. You can add more than one filter at a time.

Clicking on a filter may also reveal more specific filters that you can use to further narrow your results (for example, clicking on Health education could potentially reveal other filters related to Health education, such as Training and lessons).

Removing filters

In the Filter by lists, click on the (-) link next to a filter you’ve added to remove that filter and lengthen your search results list.

If you’ve added a filter as well as one of the more specific filters that appeared underneath it (for example, Health education, and then Training and lessons), removing the broader filter will automatically remove the more specific filter as well (for example, removing Health education will also remove Training and lessons).

Keep current filters

If you’ve added filters, you can check the Keep current filters box under the Search box to continue using the filters from your current search with your next new keyword search (for example, if you’ve added the filters Men who have sex with men and Report to your current search and you click the Keep current filters box before doing your next keyword search, the new search will only look within the resources that have been tagged as being reports relating to men who have sex with men).


Using the sort options

The results list is sorted by relevancy, which means the most relevant results will appear first and the least relevant results will appear last.

You can also sort by publication year using the Publication Date link in the Sort by list at the top of the page to switch between:

  1. Publication Date, which sorts results from newest to oldest (reverse chronological or descending order).
  2. Publication Date, which sorts results from oldest to newest (chronological or ascending order).

To sort by relevancy again, click the Relevancy link.


Favourites list

Sage members can add resources they find in a search to a favourites list for future reference. As a logged in member, you’ll see an Add to favourites link in the bottom right hand corner of all resource records. Clicking on this link will add the resource to your favourites list. You can access your favourites list through the Your Recent Favourites box on the left side of the screen. To remove a resource from your list, use the Remove from favourites link in your favourites list or in the resource record of the item you’re removing.