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Rick Harp

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Project Manager


Partner Notification for Sexually-transmitted Infections: Policy Options

A look at the purposes of Partner Notification; Are there standards for Partner Notification? Who is responsible for Partner Notification? How is Partner Notification done? Which is the “best” approach to Partner Notification? What’s next in the field of Partner Notification?

Susceptibility of Solvent Users to HIV and Hepatitis C

This paper discusses potential biological mechanisms that may be contributing to the observed phenomena of increased susceptibility to and progression of HIV and HCV in solvent users.

Anonymous Partner Notification for Sexually-transmitted Infections: Information Sheet

Information sheet on challenges facing partner notification when intimate partners are anonymous or unknown to each other.

HIV Partner Notification: A review of the evidence with recommendations to move the field forward

The objective of this review is to analyze the peer-reviewed published evidence on HIV Partner Notification (PN) with special consideration for its application to the current Canadian context.

The second PDF is the Executive Summary of original document, plus Appendix I: Proposed HIV PN Reporting Checklist

HIV/STBBI Outreach Planning Checklist

This checklist is designed for public health practitioners who do HIV/STBBI-related outreach work with priority populations. It works best as a companion to the NCCID Outreach Planning Guide. The Guide can assist with the design of brand new outreach programs or support the ongoing development of ongoing ones.  The four parts of this checklist mirror the four stages of the outreach planning process: research, design, delivery and measurement.