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Sexual and Reproductive Health Program Coordinator
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The mission of the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute is to reduce the occurrence of disabling conditions in children. One of the program areas at the Prevention Institute is the Sexual and Reproductive Health program. This program works in areas that are of particular pertinence to the health of Saskatchewan residents, such as preconception health, sexually transmitted infections and their impact on fertility and the health of the fetus, and HIV and pregnancy. The goal of this program is to provide education and resources to help enable people to make positive choices and informed decisions during their reproductive years that will lead to healthy pregnancy outcomes.The HIV and pregnancy program was created in 2010 to increase awareness and knowledge about HIV and pregnancy among health and allied health providers in Saskatchewan, including community partners and peers, as well as the general public. Guided by an HIV and Pregnancy advisory committee comprised of health and allied health professionals, the Prevention Institute created numerous resources including brochures, posters, e-learning projects, a guide for care, and a video. Because of this work, the Prevention Institute is the go-to place in Saskatchewan for resources related to HIV and pregnancy.


Hope for the Future: Having a Healthy Pregnancy While Living with HIV

This video shares information about HIV, pregnancy, and parenting, with the goal of showing that healthy pregnancies and healthy babies are possible for pregnant women living with HIV in Saskatchewan. The knowledge and experiences of people living with HIV and those who work in this area are shared. The video was created as a resource for health and allied health professionals and for people living with HIV in Saskatchewan.