Une communauté de partage des ressources pour les fournisseurs de services canadiens dans le domaine du VIH et de l’hépatite C

Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network

Established in 2997, CAAN is a key national voice for Indigneous People living with/or affected by HIV (IPHAs) and for Indigenous organizations that are actively engaged in a response to HIV and AIDS.

With offices in BC and NS, we are strategically positioned as a national voice for our membership of more then 400 individuals and organizations. Focusing our work through the lense of HIV and AIDS, CAAN's mandate incorporates HEP C, STBBIs, TB Mental Health, aging and HIV related co-morbidities.

As a mebership driven organization, we prioritize the diverse needs of the IPHA community members by providing IPHA leadership forums, namely through the IPHA Caucus (that meets annually), and with the IPHA Leadership Standing Committee that meets quarterly.

As a network, we also work closely with local and provincial Indigenous organizations and our National Indignenous partners. Part of CAAN's mandate is to provide up to date information on HIV and AIDS issues, resources, programing, policy and research to our mebership.

Détails de l’organisme

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6520 Salish Dr
British Columbia
V6N 2C7

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Patrick Brownlee

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902-433-0900 Ext 221