Food to eNhance Our Wellness (FoodNOW)

FoodNOW (Food to eNhance Our Wellness) is a four-phased needs assessment and integrative knowledge translation project, aimed at collecting and evaluating existing and lacking nutrition and food programming available to people living with HIV or AIDS in Nova Scotia. FoodNOW is a research and community outreach project based at Mount Saint Vincent University and led by two Registered Dietitians in the Department of Applied Human Nutrition, Dr. Phillip Joy and Dr. Shannan Grant. FoodNOW was founded in partnership with people who provide service, care, and resources for people living with HIV or AIDS, and community partners. It has and will continue to prioritize first voice, specifically the voices of people living with and individuals supporting people living with either of these medical diagnoses.


The Food to eNhance Our Wellness Questionnaire

Publication date: 2023
The Food to eNhance Our Wellness (FoodNOW) Questionnaire was developed in collaboration with community partners, service organizations and academics of various fields of study (i.e., Dietetics, Nursing, Anthropology, 2SLGBTQ+ Health). The purpose of this questionnaire...