LetsStopAIDS focuses on HIV prevention and knowledge exchange by engaging young people and fostering leadership.

Our mission is to engage young people in the promotion of HIV prevention through open spaces that encourage dialogue.

SHARE: We share information and knowledge about HIV. Teamwork and diverse alternative ideas are at the core of this initiative.

INSPIRE: We inspire youth to take action, within local communities. Young people must be given fair opportunities in leadership roles to express their creative skills.

CREATE: We create a global network of youth-HIV peer educators. Through youth leadership and volunteer opportunities, we promote HIV prevention and positive living.

LetsStopAIDS was founded in 2004, by then 15-year old Shamin Mohamed Jr., with a small group of high school students that decided to take on a challenge to educate other young people about HIV globally. The group told their principal their plans and she asked if they were “trying to start a scam or something?” The challenge kept on gaining local and international attention which created a specific goal: to inspire young people affected by HIV to take action, within their local communities.


LetsStopAIDS Sex Lives Report

Publication date: 2022
LetsStopAIDS Sex Lives Inaugural Report takes the temperature on the state of sex among youth, with a focus on understanding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the sexual behaviour of young Canadians. The report is based on a nationally representative survey with...