People Advocating for Change through Empowerment Inc

People Advocating for Change through Empowerment Inc. is a consumer survivor run, non-profit organization. We are based out of Thunder Bay, Ontario and have 4 outreach offices in the surrounding district. The outreach offices are located in Marathon, Manitouwadge, Geraldton, and Schreiber. Each office offers specialized mental health and addiction peer support along with our various  programs that we offer daily. A great portion of our programs are based on social inclusion or recreation but there are more serious support groups as well. We offer depression, anxiety, PTSD support groups, basic skills, and healthy living classes. We also offer Harm reduction supplies in the way of safe injection kits, inhalation kits and safer sex kits to the community.

We are not an ASO or Hepatitis C service organization but we serve as an all inclusive organization and serve people living with and affected by HIV/Aids and Hepatitis C. We have participated in a variety of research studys and focus groups that directly affects people living with and affected by each.

From our website;

Our Mission,

Achieving full community life for adults with mental health and addiction – one person at a time.

Our mandate,

We are funded through The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to provide person centered services to consumer/survivors with mental health lived experience.

P.A.C.E. increases the quality of life of survivors by removing the stigma, myths, prejudices, and misconceptions associated with Mental Illness.

By educating ourselves, others within the Mental Health system and the general public.
By encouraging survivor involvement with P.A.C.E. and the Mental Health System.
By advocating for ourselves and other survivors.
By ensuring opportunities in the planning, coordination, implementation, delivery, Evaluation of Mental Health services.