WHAI is a community-based response to HIV and AIDS among cis and trans women in Ontario that takes into account the structural and societal factors that increase women’s risk factors for HIV. This initiative, located in 16 AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) throughout the province, is funded by the AIDS Bureau of the ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

The goals of WHAI are to:

  • Reduce HIV transmission among women
  • Enhance local community capacity to address HIV and AIDS
  • Build safe environments to support women and their HIV and AIDS-related needs


WHAI Overdose Awareness Day Poster

Publication date: 2021
This poster honours women in the fight against overdose and recognizes the strength and struggle for communities in the midst of intersecting crises.

WHAI Disclosure Toolkit

Publication date: 2021
This toolkit outlines information about HIV disclosure including privacy legislation, policies and guidelines for handling personal health information and the importance of these in building positive relationships with women living with HIV.

WHAI Overdose Poster – 2020

Publication date: 2020
A poster to recognize the ongoing deaths and grief due to the overdose crisis. This poster also acknowledges the challenges facing women due to COVID-19 pandemic which has also seen a rise in overdose deaths. This poster can be used for Overdose Awareness Day and/or...

Women and Harm Reduction in Ontario: A Capacity Building Toolkit

Publication date: 2020
This Toolkit was created to strengthen the work harm reduction programs do with women who use drugs. It contains a series of tools that can be used together, separately or in other creative ways. Organizations who use this toolkit should already have a strong...

Love Positive Women Posters

Publication date: 2018
While Love Positive Women is active primarily between February 1st–14th, it remains a symbol of how the world can be different throughout the year. Groups in over 45 countries have participated in shifting lives and making a difference through acts of love. Please...
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