HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 7(2–3) December 2002

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  • The 1st Annual Awards for Action on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights
  • House of Commons Committee Releases Report on Canada’s Drug Strategy
    HIV/AIDS in Prisons: Recent Developments


  • Canada Refuses to Issue a Visa to an HIV-Positive Worker on Antiretroviral Drugs
  • Supervised Injection Sites: Minister of Health Ready to Review Applications for Pilot Research Projects
  • Minister Reaffirms Commitment to Provide Medical Marijuana, but Delays Continue
  • Canada Will Have a National HIV Vaccine Plan
  • Senate Committee Calls for Major New Spending on Health Care
  • Provinces Create Centralized System for Assessing New Drugs
  • Regulators Deny Access to Experimental Hepatitis C Drug
  • Medical Association Calls for Routine HIV Testing of Pregnant Women
  • HIV Study among Pregnant Aboriginal Women Raises Concerns
  • Vancouver Police Raid Needle Exchange Run by Drug Users
  • Studies Document Gender Differences in HIV Risk and Impact

In Brief

  • RCMP Lay Charges in Tainted-Blood Scandal
  • Spitting Incident Leads to Renewed Calls for Mandatory Testing
  • Alberta Gets a Second Methadone Clinic
  • Youth Prevented from Giving Out Condoms at a Catholic Festival
  • NWT Prohibits Discrimination Based on Gender Identity


  • Chinese Scholars Call for AIDS Rules Based on Respect for Individual Rights
  • ILO Training for Industrial Court Judges
  • International Forums
  • African Regional Meeting on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights
  • Nigeria Health Rights Group Provides Legal Support
  • Legislative Initiatives in the Asia Pacific Region
  • HIV/AIDS Discrimination in the Asia Pacific Region
  • Police Abuses Hinder HIV Prevention in Cambodia and India
  • HIV Testing: Progress in Hungary, Problems in Russia
  • El Salvador: Legislature Removes Law Allowing Pre-employment HIV Testing


  • South Africa: Highest Court Orders Government to Provide Antiretrovirals to Prevent Mother-to-Child Transmission
  • Update to International Guidelines on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights
  • UN Commission on Human Rights Adopts Resolutions on Access to Medication, Right to Health
  • WHO Initiatives to Increase Access to Treatment in Developing Countries
  • Global Fund Decides to Promote Use of Generic Drugs
  • UK Commission Concludes International Patent Laws Hinder Access to Medicines in Developing Countries
  • Thailand: Successful Challenge to Invalid Patent Claim on Antiretrovirals
  • China: Government Issues Licences for Three Antiretrovirals
  • Kenya: Legislative Amendments Ease Imports of Generic Drugs
  • South Africa: Voluntary Licence to Generic Drug Company for Nevirapine
  • South Africa: TAC, COSATU and Allies File Complaint of Excessive Pricing
  • WTO: US and Argentina Settle Dispute over Patents and Data Protection
  • Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Holds Hearing on Access to Treatment in Latin America and the Caribbean


  • BC Court Orders Government to Pay for Treatment
  • Discrimination in Same-Sex Survivor Amendments to the Canada Pension Plan
  • Supreme Court Denies Leave to Appeal in Tainted-Blood Case
  • Supreme Court Denies Leave to Appeal in Medical Marijuana Charter Challenge
  • Vancouver Island Compassion Club President Receives Absolute Discharge
  • BC Court of Appeal Refuses to Reduce Sentence for HIV-Positive Prisoner
  • Criminal Law and HIV Transmission/Exposure: More New Cases


  • An Advocacy and Political Conference Produces a Consensus: Effective Action Is Urgently Required
  • Global Battle Cry: Health is a Right, Not a Commodity
  • The Need for Harm-Reduction Approaches in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union
  • Using the Law to Improve Access to Treatments
  • Introducing ARVs in Resource-Poor Settings: Challenges and Consequences
  • "I Have No Watch, But I Haven’t Missed a Dose"
  • Advancing Research and Access to HIV Vaccines: A Framework for Action
  • Juggling Individual and Collective Concerns with Respect to HIV/AIDS Policies
  • Toward a More Meaningful Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS
  • HIV Testing for Peacekeeping Forces: Legal and Human Rights Issues
  • HIV/AIDS-Related Stigma and Discrimination:A Conceptual Framework
  • Barcelona 2002: Abstracts on Legal, Ethical, and Human Rights Issues

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