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Food and Nutrition Programs for People Living with HIV: Findings from a Community-Informed Needs Assessment

Organisme: Food to eNhance Our Wellness (FoodNOW)
Année de publication : 2023
This resource summarizes the findings from a four-phased needs assessment and integrative knowledge translation project by the Food to eNhance Our Wellness (FoodNOW) research team. The project aimed t...

First Nation Community Readiness Assessment for Creating Change: HIV Workbook

Organisme: Nine Circles Community Health Centre
Année de publication : 2023
This workbook is intended to lead First Nations communities through a step-by-step process for assessing their community’s readiness to tackle challenges related to the increasing rates of HIV in Ma...

Manitoba Community Event-Based STBBI Testing

Organisme: Nine Circles Community Health Centre
Année de publication : 2023
This guide is for community-based organizations, peer groups, and event organizers who are not healthcare professionals but want to increase access to STBBI* testing in their communities. If you’re ...

Actions collectives, changements communautaires: Un rapport pour amplifier les voix de la communauté

Organisme: Women and HIV/AIDS Initiative
Année de publication : 2023
This report is the summary of work WHAI has done over the past 1.5 - 2 years with communities across Ontario. It will serve as a roadmap for our work over the coming years, linking to Ontario's respon...

Sex, Drugs & Bingo

Organisme: Nine Circles Community Health Centre
Année de publication : 2023
Sex, Drugs & Bingo is available to anyone looking to raise awareness about sexual health and syphilis in Manitoba among adults who are sexually active and/or inject drugs. This fully-developed har...