Food and Nutrition Programs for People Living with HIV: Findings from a Community-Informed Needs Assessment

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This resource summarizes the findings from a four-phased needs assessment and integrative knowledge translation project by the Food to eNhance Our Wellness (FoodNOW) research team. The project aimed to collect and evaluate existing and lacking nutrition and food programming available to people living with HIV or AIDS in Nova Scotia. The easy-to-read resource was developed by the FoodNOW research team in collaboration with community partners and project collaborators, and may be used as a tool in advocating for nutrition and food program development for people living with HIV or AIDS.

FoodNOW would like to thank the following community partners and project collaborators for their collaboration on this research project:

Food Action Research Centre, AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia, prideHealth, the Nova Scotia Advisory Commission on AIDS, the Community-Based Research Centre, Nova Scotia Health, Healing Our Nations, Mount Saint Vincent University, and Dalhousie University.

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