Contributing Organization:
Ontario Organizational Development Program

These resources have been created by OODP Consultants to assist volunteer board members at AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) with carrying out their board responsibilities.  

Resources in resource collection

OODP Board Self-Assessment Tool

Publication date: 2018
When was the last time your Board conducted a self-assessment?  The objective of this resource is to provide a practical approach that can be used by the Board to complete a self-assessment and identify improvements to strengthen the Board and the overall...

OODP Board Manual Annotated Table of Contents

Publication date: 2016
This Table of Contents has been designed to help ASOs create their own Board Manual.  It includes a list of all of the documents and policies required for the effective governance of an organization.  You can use it as a template and insert  your own...

OODP Executive Director Board Report Guide

Publication date: 2016
This easy to use guide offers a template to help synthesize and organize your ED Board Report.  It has been pilot tested by 2 ASOs with positive reviews.  Feel free to amend it to meet your needs.  The Executive Director’s report to the Board of Directors should...

OODP Board Committee Terms of Reference Sample

Publication date: 2014
This handy Template provides an easy to use format for developing a Terms of Reference for each of your Board's Committees.  It includes sections to define the Committee's Role, Responsibilities, Membership, Term and other key components that will support...

OODP Board Meeting Minutes Best Practices

Publication date: 2014
Do Board Members read the Board Minutes?  Are they several pages long and filled with text to capture the full discussion at meetings?  Review this Best Practice Checklist to find out what you need to have in your minutes (and what you don't need) to...

OODP Board Member Job Description Sample

Publication date: 2014
This handy Governance resource defines the role of individual Board Members and provides a checklist of individual Board Member responsibilities.  It also lists the requirements that each Board Member should meet in order to fulfill their responsibilities. ...

OODP Board Officer Job Description Sample

Publication date: 2014
This handy resource provides a description of the role, responsibilities and requirements to be met for each of the following 4 Officer positions:  Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.  It can be adapted to your organization's Board Manual.

OODP Board or Committee Meeting Evaluation Sample Form

Publication date: 2014
This easy-to-use 1 page form can help you to evaluate your Board and Committee meetings.  It can be quickly completed by meeting participants, and is designed to be used on a regular basis, at the end of each meeting.  Evaluation results can offer the key to...

OODP Board Risk Management and Financial Oversight Checklist Sample

Publication date: 2014
This tool provides a checklist for use by the Board of Directors to assess if  appropriate risk management and financial oversight guidelines and practices are in place for the organization.  Risk Management and Financial Oversight are key Board...

OODP Board Agenda Sample

Publication date: 2014
This Board Agenda template is easy to use and can be adapted for your Board meetings.  It has 3 main categories of business:  Decision Items, Discussion Items and Information Items.