First Nations Health Authority – Indigenous Wellness Team

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Substance use can be difficult topic to discuss with family, friends, colleagues, strangers and often those closest to us.  This information sheets provides some useful guidelines for having these discussions.
Covers frequently asked questions relating to overdose prevention including information about opiods, signs of an overdose, the materials (e.g. naloxone) and support available, steps to take during an overdose, and where to find additional resources.
Insights into 5 myths (and facts) about addiction.
The Indigenous Wellness Program at First Nations Health Authority is developing 'Indigenous Harm Reduction' principles and practices as a learning diagram to host conversations regarding addition and harm reduction. Indigenous Harm Reduction is a process of integrating cultural knowledge and values into the strategies and services associated with the work of harm reduction.  Indigenous knowledge systems…
The Indigenous Wellness Program at the First Nations Health Authority uses a 'sexual wellbeing model' to build and strengthen conversations around traditional knowledge and ways of being in regards to healthy sexuality.  It is a strengths-based model, which acknowledges healthy sexuality as an important aspect of overall holistic health and wellness.