The Ontario Organizational Development Program (OODP) was established in 1995 as a government response to requests from AIDS service organizations (ASOs) and programs for long-term organizational development resources.  The program is staffed by a part-time Administrator and 6 consultants on contract. Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of HIV/AIDS organizations and programs in Ontario to determine their direction with awareness and to foster a culture within HIV/AIDS organizations and programs in Ontario to take responsibility for their own organizational development.  To achieve this we offer a range of workshops and consulting services available to ASOs and HIV-funded programs.  Our workshops are available to boards, staff and volunteers and cover topics such as Governance, Boundaries, Anti-Rascism/Anti-Oppression (ARAO), Strategic Planning and Board and Staff Work Planning, We also offer consulting services that can be customized to respond to individual requests and provide Coaching for Executive Directors (EDs) and Board Chairs.  More recently, we have committed to providing a growing list of resurces on-line such as sample Board Policies, a Partnership Agreement Toolkit and a Leading Change resource for ASO Executive Directors.      


OODP Emergency Continuity Planning Assessment Tool

Année de publication : 2020
Emergency continuity planning is the overall process of creating systems of prevention, response and recovery to deal with potential threats and disruptions to service delivery at an organization. In addition to prevention, the goal is to enable ongoing service...

OODP Substance Use Policy Guide Template for AIDS Service Organizations

Année de publication : 2020
 This Policy Guide & Template is intended to support ASO leaders to build successful policies and best practices that will enhance the capacity of our sector to meaningfully involve people with lived experience of substance use in the effective delivery...

OODP Board Manual Annotated Table of Contents

Année de publication : 2016
This Table of Contents has been designed to help ASOs create their own Board Manual.  It includes a list of all of the documents and policies required for the effective governance of an organization.  You can use it as a template and insert  your own...

OODP Executive Director Board Report Guide

Année de publication : 2016
 This easy to use guide offers a template to help synthesize and organize your ED Board Report.  It has been pilot tested by 2 ASOs with positive reviews.  Feel free to amend it to meet your needs.  The Executive Director's report to the Board...

OODP Partnership Agreement Forms

Année de publication : 2016
This handy resource provides you with two types of partnership agreement forms, one for agreements that are long-term and involve operations and a second one for short-term projects or one-time events.  Both types of forms are offered in table and letter...

OODP Staff Work Plan Guide

Année de publication : 2016
This Guide is practical and easy to use.   It can help individual staff and staff teams to map out the steps, activities and timelines that align with their program goals and the organization's strategic directions and key priorities. This Guide ...

OODP Org-Self-Assessment Tool Process Summary

Année de publication : 2015
This one page document provides a comprehensive overview of the steps and timelines involved in completing the OODP OSAT Process, with facilitation by an OODP Consultant.
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